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Consigning your equipment is easy!

1) Fill in an entry form

This helps us to keep track of your items while they are with us and ensures swift, trouble-free payment after the sale.  You can click here to use the form in the “submit equipment” section of the website, or fill in a paper copy onsite.  If you do not already have an account, make sure we have all your contact details so that we can create one, including your VAT number if applicable, and we will need some photographic I.D.  You can also let us know if you would like to place a reserve on your items, although please note that we do not place reserves of under £100 on any item.

2) Bring your items to site

Timing this right can help you make the best of your auction experience – once the yard is back open for deliveries after the previous sale, usually a fortnight after – the earlier you bring your items the better as this gives us maximum time to advertise your equipment.  Entries close usually around a week before the auction; you can call us for the dates but it will be announced via social media and on the website.  If you cannot transport your items yourself, we have a list of hauliers we work with to pick from, see: Help with transport.

Once your items arrive onsite, you or your driver will need to visit reception to receive a unique ‘vendor code’ which we can attach to your items to keep them attached to your account on our system.  Once this is done, you will be diverted to the designated unloading area for your item(s) and our staff will help to unload if required.

Please note: All machinery must be cleaned prior to arrival on site with us.

3) Wait for the Cheque!

If your items have a reserve we may need to contact you during the sale if we get a bid close to it but not quite enough to sell there and then.  This is a ‘subject bid’ (sold ‘subject’ to vendors’ approval) and we will call you to ask if you would like to sell the item at the offered price or not; swift answers mean less risk of losing the buyer, so keeping your phone handy on sale day may well pay off!  


If you have equipment to sell we would love to hear from you. 
Please call 01226 247 591 or email info@wattsauctions.co.uk